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We are delighted to announce that Civic Living is now open by appointment only. The team are still available during usual working hours to deal with any enquires and queries you may have. Find Out More.

A clear vision

Civic Living homes lie at the gateway of the development, providing an important synergy between the award-winning office buildings that sit at the heart of the Enterprise Campus, and the wider residential area that nestles around the development’s first Primary School, Ermine Street Church Academy.

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An evolution of thought

Civic Living is a new venture for Urban&Civic, borne out of a deep understanding of the aspirations and dynamics at the heart of Alconbury Weald.

“Some areas of the development are so intrinsic to our blueprint for this extraordinary new place that we know we are best placed to deliver the design and layout there,” said Nigel Hugill, Chief Executive of Urban&Civic, the owner and developer of Alconbury Weald.

“Building homes ourselves allows us to push the architecture and features in modern directions. We have responded to people that we know are interested in making a home here with new and different designs.

“Modern lifestyles require an evolution of thought and an understanding and reflection of the way we are choosing to live our lives. “Built around you” encapsulates a philosophy that runs through the fundamentals of our whole approach; creating generous community facilities, connections and green spaces, within which new homes are not just constructed but integrate and grow.”

The Covington
Inventive design

Urban&Civic’s design team worked with leading architects, John Thompson Partners, to develop designs that reflect a contemporary desire for bespoke homes, well thought out, different from the norm and, most importantly, seeking to use space in a more creative way.

The designs focus on light and shade, with high ceilings and flexible free-flowing layouts to deliver a range of house and apartment types.

Each reflects individual ways that residents choose to use space for living, dining, working from home and relaxing. Civic Living provides a complementary alternative to the range of house builders at Alconbury Weald.

Graeme Phillips, partner at John Thompson, added: “As an example, we know some people find front and back gardens take a lot of upkeep but still want outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Given the expansive green spaces quite literally on the doorstep, we developed ground floor courtyards and generous upstairs terraces and balconies, for people to enjoy a morning coffee in the sunshine or an evening drink to relax after work.”

Form and function

Good design is also deeply functional, and the team has tested everything from bike and bin stores, through to ensuring the large windows and balconies retain privacy. Homes are positioned to maximise natural light and on plot parking enables easy unloading of shopping and an attractive street scene.

Civic Living places homeowners within walking distance of the Gym and Cafe, business space, parks, the local shop and the wonderful Ermine Street primary school.

Nigel added: “We work forensically and with all our hearts on the fundamentals that we hope provide a foundation and backdrop for our residents to live an active, low carbon and happy life. Deciding where to live represents an emotional, as well as financial investment. Civic Living enlarges that choice”.


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